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12/08/09 07:24 PM #5    


Elaine Franzetti

Oh, was that yours? Sorry it went up in smoke :-)

PS. It was good sh**!!

12/09/09 08:52 AM #6    


Paul Frediani

Aw that's cool. I guess it'll be just Ripple and Boonesfarm tonight. LOL!

12/10/09 01:15 PM #7    

Diane Fabiano (Salomon)

where is everyone??? we need a lot more email addresses....even though I won't be able to go to the reunion...Boo!!
Will certainly miss everyone. Diane Fabiano Salomon

12/13/09 04:43 PM #8    

Vicky Day (Vallieres)

the late 60's was extraordinary...I feel so lucky that I came of age during this, as everyone knew it, was exploding....I loved the sense that anything seemed possible....

12/14/09 07:08 AM #9    


John Gilderbloom

I am developing a trivia contest and want help in developing it: Some cool questions and answers
At our high school graduation party a group named Fritz played to us. They went on to become international rock stars in Fleetwood Mac--Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham.
What famous group was formed at the Y dances?
Journey with locals Neal Schon and Greg XXX.

What classmate played bass for Sonny and Cher in San Francisco when they played?
Answer; Steve Cohn

Who writes books on fitness and is a world wide success?
ans: Paul Frediani

Who helped design and build most of Neal Young's places?
ans: Russ Jackson

Ok some I don't know questions:

John Sommer is: bald or still has great hair.

What ever happened to Pete Hines, Gary St. Clair and XXX?

What classmates went bad? I mean like prison or prostition.

Does anyone know that Kathy Newman is an academic superstar whose first book was sparked by her father losing the drug store on Broadway. She is now at Princeton.

Paul Frediani and I want to do an afternoon Saturday session on our books along with others. We do these ballroom speeches so it should be pretty cool. Anyone interested in such an ego chest pounding event? We thought of doing it as a fund raiser, maybe a bench for Mills High? Got to go.

12/15/09 01:52 PM #10    


Paul Frediani

Article I wrote for American Sports Journal.

'The Blessings of Water'.

Growing up in Burlingame and learning to surf. A few cool pics of the 60s. Check it out at:

12/17/09 04:59 AM #11    


John Gilderbloom

Great article. Good photos--black and white too! Maybe you and Grant Rosenberg should get together and write the story on Mills 1970. I would buy a ticket for it. Thanks for sharing.

01/02/10 11:47 PM #12    

Pamela (Tiffany) Stiverson (Leo)

I really enjoyed the 20th reunion so very much, and I know that the 40th will be even better. So plan on being
there one and all. Pass the word to others you may see, that don't know about the reunion. This is really a chance of a lifetime to attend....

We did have the best cars, clothes. With that being said,
Come on Vikings let's get up and go, to the best party
we can make....

01/07/10 02:19 PM #13    

Robert Beede

Can anyone help me locate Meg Bishop? Meg was my VERY first girlfriend in the first grade! We were "an item" until the fifth grade, when Mike Maynard appeared, and Meg went for him! I was totally crushed, and dispised Mike for stealing her from me! As you can tell from this story, I had MUCH to learn about dealings with the opposite sex!

Meg was always so beautiful in high school. As I recall, she hung out with an older crowd than I.

Meg lived next door to the Kelly's (Donna and Diane), and they were lifetime friends. Meg's dad was a professional photographer, and I remember him going, "arghhhhhhhhhh!" in disgust of my torn bluejeans and long hair when I rang the doorbell one time in high school. "What have you done to yourself?!" were the words I recall!

Anyway, all I would like to do is just say "Hi" to Meg, so I can scratch it off my bucket list! Cheers! Bob Beede

01/17/10 08:24 PM #14    

Jonette "Joni" Middleton (Brockway)

Hi Bob:
You might e-mail Anne Busalacchi and/or Laurinda Pecci. I remember seeing them at a function in Millbrae some years ago, and for some reason I think they might know how to contact Meg. If you find any contact information will you please pass it on to me so that I can include Meg in the e-mails about the reunion?
Joni Middleton Brockway

02/11/10 02:56 AM #15    


Paul Frediani

Hey John

"What classmates went bad? I mean like prison or prostition." You mean like "youse dirty rats" or Bonnie and Clyde" type bad? I don't think so or we would have read about it in the news. White collar crime on the other hand we may not. Why don't we try asking if any white collar criminal would raise their hand at our reunion and admit it. LOLLOLOLOLO!

Wait a minute, I spent a day at San Quentin, well really just an afternoon doing a boxing exhibition when I was 21, would that count as going bad? And John I don't think prosition is a "bad" thing, I was thinking of taking it up when I become 60.

03/01/10 02:27 PM #16    

Jeffrey Greenwald

Paul, I'll be sure to bring some with me so you won't have to stick to the ripple! :-)

04/02/10 01:40 PM #17    

Gary Sayed

Anyone have Information regarding Diane Spence?
Let me know.
Gary Sayed

04/02/10 07:56 PM #18    

Jonette "Joni" Middleton (Brockway)

Hi Gary:

I have the following address for Diana:

18022 Hwy 9
Boulder Creek, CA 95006

I can't find a phone # for her, so I will mail her a note tomorrow.

05/04/10 02:12 PM #19    

Robert Beede

Hey Guys!  Go to Dan Dootson's profile and check out the sixth grade class at Ben Franklin! Christine Mink, Sally Griggs, Diane Spence, my first flame, Meg Bishop (third from the left), Donna Kelly, Suzanne Wilson, Chris Condit, Bob Minken, Bob Minkline, Claine Compangna, Rick DeMartini, Erik Schwartz (the artist...he drew ALL the time!), and Freddy Campbell, second from the right, top row!  Oh! I must NOT forget Mike Maynard, third from the right, top row, who STOLE Meg from me, cause he was such a slick stud!

Actually... It probably was my big ears that turned Meg off!  I'm Mr. smiley in the top row with the vertical stripped shirt next to Big Bob Minkline.  Man, I could have gone surf kiting with those things!!

Hey Minkline, remember the teather ball championships we used to have at Ben Franklin! I was always so happy when I beat you, which was not very often!

Ah yes....Happy Days!!


Bob Beede





05/10/10 07:17 PM #20    


Eric Swartz

Hi Bob--

Sorry to disappoint you but I'm not in that picture. I was in the other sixth grade class at Franklin  (Mr. Hanley). The Eric in this picture is Eric "Lichtwardt." It's true that I liked to draw...but I was never that good an artist. I mostly sketched...and wasn't very original:-).


05/13/10 02:40 AM #21    


Paul Frediani

Talk about 6 degrees of separation.  Our classmate Richard Beale visits Lucca Italy a few times a year. I was born in a small hamlet 6 miles away and am looking for means to remodel our old family house. Guess what? Richard gave me contacts to everyone I needed to contact for the job there. Life is so beautifully rich, isn't it?

05/30/10 12:41 PM #22    

Sue Menconi (Reeves)

Hey Paulo,

You are freakin me out man!

My father's family and my sister's husband are from Lucca. My sister's husband was born in Lucca and came here when he was about 12 years old. The Menconi family had a vineyard in Colognora di Compito across from the Alto Strada from Lucca. My father's first cousin, Elena, owns the restaurant, La Catina de Alfredo. My grandmother, maiden name Celoni, is from that area also. Are you familar with any of this?

05/31/10 01:48 PM #23    


Paul Frediani

Why the hec didn't you tell me! I was in Lucca last week and I could alway use a good meal!

06/03/10 02:07 AM #24    


Paul Frediani

Hey, anyone  coming in from out of town maybe interested in staying in this rental for the weekend. Nice place near the Marina, in SF.

06/15/10 05:46 PM #25    

Robert Castelli

Anyone know the whereabouts of Ron Richmond? 

06/15/10 05:48 PM #26    

Robert Castelli

Hey Bob,

Are your Snakes still in the family?

06/27/10 07:06 PM #27    


Paul Frediani

Hi Everyone


Our reunion was a wonderful gathering of friends. Unfortunately looking back I think that there were many people that I did not have the opportunity to make connection with, for that I'm sorry. I had a wonderful time and I (we) can't thank Jonni enough for her fantastic effort in pulling off the reunion and reception. Thank you Jonni for a night I will always remember, and I would also like to thank your husband Cliff for his tireless work. You know what they say "behind every wonderful women is a good man." I hope we all keep in touch, hey, the 50th is right around the corner.



06/27/10 09:33 PM #28    


Eric Swartz

To all:

I'd like to echo Paul's sentiments.

This event set the gold standard for reunions...and Joni has been our faithful standard bearer.

Joni--I can't thank you enough! 

Wow, reconnecting with old friends, sharing fond memories, rekindling relationships, and making new memories is what it's all about.

This weekend will always be remembered as a touchstone in my life. 

Please, let's keep the communication going. I don't want to wait another 10 years. We've got a fantastic social networking let's use it and enjoy it.

See you all soon!

My best,








06/28/10 11:04 AM #29    


Frank Misko


Invition to a jokes list.  I send out jokes and pics about twice a month to 100 plus friends, a third of those from Mills. An average email may have 10 pics and 10 jokes collected since the last jokes sent. I keep it fairly clean. I welcome you to forward your jokes and pics to me clean or not. I send them BCC as bulk so you generally have to include me as a friend so it does not go to spam.
Do not reply from here. To be included send from the email you wish to receive the jokes to my email address that I use for this
Until next time.
Frank Misko
Thanks again Joni.

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