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Lori Palmer (Leary)

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10/14/20 10:30 AM #17    

Jonette "Joni" Middleton (Brockway)

I was so shocked and saddened by the news of Lori's passing.  It is still hard to believe.  Lori was such a wonderful and kind person.  She and I were really close friends before she and Tom starting dating.  We hung out with the Burlingame boys together.  I remember when her Dad built her a new bedroom.  She had hanging beads in her doorway - which I thought was so cool!

Lori was such a kind person to everyone she met.  She was beautiful inside and out. I am so sorry for the pain to her family, to Tom, to her beautiful children and grandchildren.  I always loved seeing the family photos she posted on Facebook.  Lori we miss you terribly but know that you are loved and pain free in heaven.  God bless you Lori.  You will always have a place in my heart - Joni

10/14/20 02:27 PM #18    

Paul Brosche

To all:  Last week, my wife, Susan, and I donated a group of 10 trees through the Arbor Day Foundation to be planted in a forest of greatest need. Along with John’s very kind gesture, we want to plant these trees in memory of Lori to help spread her love as far as the heart can reach. I just know, I believe, that the Lord was pleased, very pleased, with all Lori did and was, and we pray that she now is home, at peace.  We’d also like to share this grove in memory of all our Mills friends who have gone before us to celebrate their lives and legacies…I think Lori would want that, too.

I met Lori when we were 10 years old, in 5th grade, at Hoover where we became friends. I always enjoyed, and will remember, our time in class together, her kind “hello’s”, and our quick sidebar talks as we continued on through high school. With my classmates, our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to you,Tom, your entire family and friends. God’s blessings, always. Paul

10/15/20 03:36 PM #19    

Maggie Turner (Bucklin)

This one really ht me hard, as it did so many of us. Lori touched all our lives, always with a kind word or gesture. I knew her best at Hoover and rememeber going to her home off Hillside several times.  Lori was one of the cool kids, from elementary school and on through life.  She was cool because she was so kind, graceful and loving. I pray for her  husband Tom, her children and grandchildren.  May you all find peace with your memories of this truly one of a kind woman.

10/16/20 01:43 PM #20    

Sue Flaherty (Rosewood)

Lori was an authentic woman. She embraced her beauty with humility so she was never intimidating. When I first met Lori in freshman year there was a show on TV called Honey West. Lori looked exactly like the star.  I used to tell her that and she would laugh. Lori lived by love and it showed in the closeness of her beautiful family. Recently, we were Words With Friends buddies for quite some time. She beat me at every single game... I never won once!! She was very patient with how badly I played the game.  I finally gave up. We hadn't played for several years and since I had improved I thought I would try again. Then I heard of her passing. How quickly things change.  Lori was diagnosed with liver cancer and only lived a few weeks. It must have been very, very devastating to Tom and her family. In these strange times we should remember how powerful love is and not forget that's what its all about. Here's to you Lori, may you rest in the peace you so deserve.

10/19/20 05:26 PM #21    

John Gilderbloom

October 14, 2020
I was so shocked to hear of Lori’s passing.. she and i were long time classmates from Hoover Elementary through Mills high school. I remember having play dates at her house when we were little. She was a wonderful person who was beautiful on the outside as well as the inside! I always admired Lori.. my condolences to her husnand and family. Love kathy Segel Denier
Kathy Segel Denier
Lori and I were friends for all the years that my family and I lived on Easton Dr in Burlingame. She lived 2 blocks down and 1 block up from me. We used to hang out with Vicki, Scott, and Tony. She was so much fun. Her parents always had their door open for her friends. When I was dating Bruce Gleason she was dating Tom. We double dated a lot. She will be missed. But, heaven has another bright star. I will see you on the other side of the bridge my friend.
October 5, 2020
When we moved to Burlingame and I the new kid at Hoover's third grade, Lori was the one who welcomed me and paved my way to fit in. She was the most popular girl in school from elementary through high school for good reason. I saw her at our last high school reunion. Time never dimmed her exceptional beauty, or warm hearted, kind, and graceful personality. My deep condolences to Tom, her family, and grieving friends. This is one classy lady who will be sorely missed.
Kathy Anderson Smith

10/20/20 08:45 AM #22    

Robert Minkin

Hello all,

I remember Lori fondly as she was my secret crush!.one of my life regrets was never acting on my feelings for her...well, boys in high school are idiots anyway.
Rest in peace Lori!!! God loves you and your family.

10/21/20 06:59 PM #23    

Gordon Geesey

 The remembrances of Lori have tapered down but my mind has had difficulty exiting the memories of Lori and Tom.  I did not know them as close friends but I did know them all my life since childhood.

        I have not been surprised by the outpouring of remembrances of Lori, “cute, bubbly and fun,  beautiful soul inside and out, generous, gorgeous, sweet and principled, beautiful heart always, kind, graceful, and loving, an authentic woman”, you all are right on, for she had a special place in my heart as well.  

         We were at Hoover school in kindergarten, first grade, and more together. The first and most vivid memories revolved around the lower tan bark playground reserved for the youngest children,  cootie tag, the big bush next to the school building, and kisses.  The girls and boys chased each other and if you were lucky enough to get caught behind the bush, a kiss was the reward or punishment depending on who was doing the kissing.  Well Lori was the one all the boys wanted to be “caught” by, and in my eyes it was not punishment.  First kisses are the most remembered, though first grade kisses are nothing but a peck, but it started me on a career of kissing and loving.

       I am sure that game was nipped in the bud by Mrs. Ragghianti, our first grade teacher once she got wind of it.   I never got close like that again to Lori, but Tom did, that lucky guy.

     I knew Tom from an early age as well.  We went to the same church as kids.  The Learys and my folks  played cards with two other couples once a month, bridge club they called it.  That relationship lasted as long as they all had lived.  So I have caught wind of the whereabouts and family of Lori and Tom over the years.

    There was always the desire to look them up or run into them by chance, but the “just wait” until an organized reunion was all that ever happened.  I think that is why her memory has repeatedly surfaced within me since I heard of her death.  That loss of the chance of our next meeting has cemented the finality of the physical contact ever again.  We are all getting closer to that moment.  The end of Lori’s life is a reminder that all loss of physical contact of life is on the horizon.  

     My memories, your memories, Tom and the rest of the family’s memories, they all will keep Lori’s spirit alive and well into the future.  Just as our classmates have, just as I have, over the past three weeks,  keep it up for as long as we can for we need positive thoughts over and over again to fight fear.  For the strong spirit we all have acclaimed of our beloved Lori possessed is the antidote,  I believe.   Don't wait to reach  out, especially in these covid times,  quoting myself earlier, " There was always the desire to look them up or run into them by chance, but the “just wait” until an organized reunion was all that ever happened" , that was my excuse, don't let it be yours or mine again.!
 us all imagine such outpouring for each and every one of us now and when OUR time has come.  Thank you Lori for your time on earth, for it has made us......

you fill in the blank.

   Thanks to you all for sharing.    Gordon  geesey

10/22/20 04:46 PM #24    

Kathy Anderson (Smith)

Thanks Gordon. I believe your thoughtful words are comforting to us all. 

10/22/20 08:32 PM #25    

Mary Riordan (Macri)

I agree beautifully said.  It's so important to share with people what they mean to you before it's too late.  It was a hard lesson I  learned a few years ago, which affected me deeply.  Life lessons are not only for the young........Hope you are all doing well and staying healthy during this historical pandemic.  Warmly, Mary

11/13/20 11:05 AM #26    

Doug Akay

I, too, was saddened to hear about Lori's passing.  We were originally friends as youngsters at the Presbyterian Church, and then later in the youth group, Westminster Fellowship (WF).  She was always unpretentious, witty, and friendly.  Like most of us boys, I had a secret crush on her.  A relatively recent act of kindness from her towards me surrounded the build up to the 40th Reunion, where I gave a detailed view of my life and times leading to Mills, and then after.  I included some pictures of my family.  Lori commented on how beautiful they looked.  Of course, coming from her.....  That was her, taking the time to read through my post, and then complimenting my family.  God bless her.  

I wish the best for her family, Tom, her children, and her beautiful grandchildren, and I extend my deepest condolences. 

I appreciated reading the comments by my fellow classmates, and Gordon Geesey's comment stood out.  Yes, in these uncertain times we need to support the community we once shared and not be shy about it.  Stay safe everyone.  

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