In Memory

Brian Karnacki

Brian Karnacki

Passed away on January 31, 2010

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06/12/10 03:34 PM #1    

Doug Akay

 I remember how much fun I had with Brian Karnacki, and his paternal twin brother, Bruce.  They were a force.

The Karnackis first came into my life at McKinley school, after moving here from the Washington, D.C. area.  On Halloween, we stockpiled cartons of eggs and water balloons, and went out terrorizing their neighborhood (not mine - HA!).  Tossing eggs at cop cars and then disappearing in the back alleys and back yards.  What a blast, what mischief, what was I thinking?  

My mom would invite kids from McKinley School to come over for a sleep over at the end of school: Steve Robertson, the Karnackis, Jack Moyer, Jim Simpson, the Sorenson twins, and others.  The wild fun would begin when the lights went out.  I believe it was them that taught us how to make shooting strike anywhere matches from those old wooden clothes pins, that would fire a lit match 15 feet or so.  I am glad we did not burn down the back yard structures at my folk's house, where we were sleeping.  We snuck outside to the neighborhood in the dead of night to fire these things off, and to conduct other deeds of daring do.

At the end of 7th grade, I moved from Barroilhet (border of San Mateo) to the top of Hillside, and it looked as if we would be going to separate high schools, but no.  The Karnackis moved to Mills Estate.  

We all (Dave Richardson, Bill Charles, John Carey, Ed Avakoff) would hang out at their garage, where Brian, ever the engineer, would build and fly his gas powered paper and wood airplanes.  I even bought a kit, but I was never as good at making those things as Brian was.  As his mother would watch, we would be jumping off of the garage roof onto mattresses.  Bruce and Brian would later use the same garage to work on their cars.  Bruce and Brian would cruise El Camino in their hot cars (San Mateo was the best cruising grounds) -- Bruce even met his eventual wife cruising El Camino! 

I drifted away from Brian in late high school, I didn't hang around the garage as much, and we eventually lost track of each other.  

As we approach the 40th reunion, I am saddened to learn of those that will not be there.  I have fond memories of Brian, and I will miss not sharing them directly with him.



04/05/12 07:43 PM #2    

Donald Narin

So sorry to hear about this.

Brian was a great guy.

I will always remember him.

Those garage days were great.


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