In Memory

Sally Griggs


Sadly Sally took her own life at the age of 50.

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12/07/09 11:44 PM #1    

Christopher Condit

Dang, that's some sad news. I remember her playing at being a horse with Marie Teixeira in about the 4th grade, and wearing outrageous stylin' outfits in the 12th. Those big brown eyes will be with me forever. Adios, Sally

01/06/10 07:04 PM #2    

Robert Beede

It is really interesting that Chris remembers the same thing I do about Sally and Marie. They spent all recess together at Ben Franklin playing horses, with there hands perched about chest high, snorting at us boys when we made some supid comment to them. They would jump over benches, paw the ground..crazy stuff!

Then..Sally turned into this TOTAL fox in high School! Man, I remember how beautiful she was..someone you would expect to model clothes. She had some wild ones, didn't she, Chris!

It must have been 2002, just before she died, that I stopped by her house right off Trousdale, where the mailbox still is. I was regularly in Burlingame caring for my mom and dad. She was outside with a relative. I did not recognize her,nor did she me. I got a chance to reminence about the above, and we laughed. She said she did not remember doing that! I am so thankful I got a chance to tell her how beautiful she was at that time, and how all us boys googled her! Having spoken to her at that time, I would have never thought she was so unhappy. It is so important that we share our grief and disappointments with people who love and care about us. There is always hope, and someone who wants to help pull us through the trials of life! Here's to Sally, and the memories each of us have of her! Bob Beede

01/07/10 10:26 PM #3    

Eric Swartz

My memories of Sally Griggs go back to Franklin School, too. I had a big crush on Sally in the 5th grade. Our first so-called date was sharing sandwiches on the playground. Then we were supposed to meet at the tetherball pole and she didn't show. That was the end of our brief courtship. We drifted apart and didn't have much contact in high school. After I heard of Sally's passing, I contacted her sister, Connie, in Ketchum, Idaho (where Sally's ashes were scattered). I was told that Sally suffered from a form of mental illness. Even though she sought treatment, she did not receive the help she needed to stabilize her life. Sally ended up taking her own life in the house where she grew up in Burlingame. I think of her often. If any of you have memories of Sally, please share.
--Eric Swartz

05/10/10 08:32 PM #4    

John Gilderbloom

These are great thoughts about Sally and I enjoyed the postings.  Bob at the end of his remarks talks about ways to prevent suicide and I agree with him.   Oddly in Louisville, my twenty year old son has seen two of hisQuaker School classmantes kill themselves and the pain it causes to not only the parents and siblings but the network of friends is nearly unbearable.  I tto thought that Sally Griggs was just so pretty and sexy,  yet aleays nice and fun to be around.  I remember after I graduated from high school my Mom sick with cancer went down to a Country and Western leather store perhaps in Redwood City to get me a David  Cosby brown suade jacket with long tassles.   At first, ti thought it was a bit too much then she told me that Sally Griggs sold it to her and SHE thought I would look good in it.  When I heard that, I began wearing it almost every day.  I took it to the Filmore and I either lost it or it got borrowed. 

06/12/10 02:51 PM #5    

Doug Akay

It doesn't surprise me that it is the guys that are commenting on the tragic suicide of Sally Griggs.

Sally first came on my radar in Mrs. Faus's class at BIS in the 8th grade.  The Beatles were popular then and Sally was the female version of Paul McCartney, especially with her Beatles type haircut.  I thought she was beautiful, and we had a great class for beauties: Carol Robinson, Tori Vasey, Barb Jordan, Vicky Day, and Betsy Allen, among others.  Tony Gulla and I competed for her attention.  She probably didn't know that I had a crush on her that continued through Mills High.  I was much too shy to be direct about my feelings -- I eventually learned [when you go to U.C. Berkeley, you better make your move or forever say goodbye, unless you share a class.]

I remember where she lived.  Whenever I had the chance, I would walk (ride) by her house hoping to "accidentally" bump into her.  I lived up the hill on Hillside, and she lived in Mills Estate, on a Trousdale corner lot, so I may have gone a little out of my way sometimes.  

Her major transformation came between her sophomore and junior year, when she spent some time with her older (happening) cousin back east -- I don't know who visited who -- but the transformation was complete.  Who could forget the great clothes she wore, and the body that was wearing them.  She got voted "Best Physique", along with the deserving Bill Fitzpatrick, and I'm sure that it wasn't even close.

Obviously, my unrequited love never got realized, and graduation ended all hope for me.  I don't think she ever attended a reunion.

I'm sorry I didn't know her better, and it is too bad that she did not have the social network she apparently needed to get through the inevitable hard times of life.  I echo Bob Beede's sentiments in that regard.  

Sally, the boys will miss you.

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