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05/13/10 02:40 AM #21    


Paul Frediani

Talk about 6 degrees of separation.  Our classmate Richard Beale visits Lucca Italy a few times a year. I was born in a small hamlet 6 miles away and am looking for means to remodel our old family house. Guess what? Richard gave me contacts to everyone I needed to contact for the job there. Life is so beautifully rich, isn't it?

05/30/10 12:41 PM #22    

Sue Menconi (Reeves)

Hey Paulo,

You are freakin me out man!

My father's family and my sister's husband are from Lucca. My sister's husband was born in Lucca and came here when he was about 12 years old. The Menconi family had a vineyard in Colognora di Compito across from the Alto Strada from Lucca. My father's first cousin, Elena, owns the restaurant, La Catina de Alfredo. My grandmother, maiden name Celoni, is from that area also. Are you familar with any of this?

05/31/10 01:48 PM #23    


Paul Frediani

Why the hec didn't you tell me! I was in Lucca last week and I could alway use a good meal!

06/03/10 02:07 AM #24    


Paul Frediani

Hey, anyone  coming in from out of town maybe interested in staying in this rental for the weekend. Nice place near the Marina, in SF.

06/15/10 05:46 PM #25    

Robert Castelli

Anyone know the whereabouts of Ron Richmond? 

06/15/10 05:48 PM #26    

Robert Castelli

Hey Bob,

Are your Snakes still in the family?

06/27/10 07:06 PM #27    


Paul Frediani

Hi Everyone


Our reunion was a wonderful gathering of friends. Unfortunately looking back I think that there were many people that I did not have the opportunity to make connection with, for that I'm sorry. I had a wonderful time and I (we) can't thank Jonni enough for her fantastic effort in pulling off the reunion and reception. Thank you Jonni for a night I will always remember, and I would also like to thank your husband Cliff for his tireless work. You know what they say "behind every wonderful women is a good man." I hope we all keep in touch, hey, the 50th is right around the corner.



06/27/10 09:33 PM #28    


Eric Swartz

To all:

I'd like to echo Paul's sentiments.

This event set the gold standard for reunions...and Joni has been our faithful standard bearer.

Joni--I can't thank you enough! 

Wow, reconnecting with old friends, sharing fond memories, rekindling relationships, and making new memories is what it's all about.

This weekend will always be remembered as a touchstone in my life. 

Please, let's keep the communication going. I don't want to wait another 10 years. We've got a fantastic social networking let's use it and enjoy it.

See you all soon!

My best,








06/28/10 11:04 AM #29    


Frank Misko


Invition to a jokes list.  I send out jokes and pics about twice a month to 100 plus friends, a third of those from Mills. An average email may have 10 pics and 10 jokes collected since the last jokes sent. I keep it fairly clean. I welcome you to forward your jokes and pics to me clean or not. I send them BCC as bulk so you generally have to include me as a friend so it does not go to spam.
Do not reply from here. To be included send from the email you wish to receive the jokes to my email address that I use for this
Until next time.
Frank Misko
Thanks again Joni.

06/28/10 10:18 PM #30    


Jonette "Joni" Middleton (Brockway)

Thank you everyone for your kind words.  I had a great time planning the reunion weekend.  I have always enjoyed getting together with friends and I don't want to loose contact with any of you!

And a BIG thank you for the gifts.  Wow I didn't expect that.  Cliff and I are looking forward to our "Spa" getaway.  Since September Cliff has said he is a "Reunion Widower", so we are excited about spending some relaxing time together...away from computers.  And I promise to use the extra funds to extend the web site for many years.

I also want to say Thank You to Peggy Jones Aycinena.  If you missed reading the personalized labels she put on each wine bottle centerpiece...please see below.  It is incredible.

The front label said: Vin de Valhalla      Mills High Vikings       Mills Estate Bottled  Since 1966

The back label read:

Grown & nurtured on the green hills and verdant valleys of sunny Millbrae/Burlingame, where the breezes are light and the living is easy, Vintage 1970 Vin de Valhalla is a special class of wine, fermented in fine oak casks that offer a hint of revolution and social upheaval, a smidgen of suburban angst, a snooker-full of cliques, dances, and fashion concerns, and a glimpse into a time when gas was less that 40 cents a gallon; there was no Internet, or email; no Starbucks, Microsoft, Title IX, Watergate, AIDS, or 9/11; no ATM, PDA, PC, UPC, URL, MP3, DVD, HDTV, WiFi, GPS, Y2K, TXT, or LOL.  There was, however, a Soviet Union, an Earth Day, a slide rule, a typewriter, and film for cameras.  The world only had 3.6 billion people as Vintage 1970 headed out singularly unprepared for the next 40 years.  Seared now by four decades of change, innovation, and upheaval, Vintage 1970 Vin de Vallhalla is best enjoyed on warm tranquil days awash in vague memories of silly little worries that seemed like everything then, and seem more clearly like nothing now.

Visit for food pairing ideas.

Government warning: Revisionist history is an incarcerable offense.  However, consumption of alcoholic beverages is possibly a quick solution to many of life's little problems.


Please promise to stay in touch and remember to keep your profiles updated with your current e-mail address.

Thank You ALL!

06/29/10 03:41 PM #31    

Wilma Caputo (Motta)

Wilma Caputo Motta

It was fun  connecting with the Sunday lunch bunch and I hope to see you all at the 50!!!Joni thanks is just not enough to say for a beautiful weekend.....take care and enjoy your spa day...

07/02/10 12:04 PM #32    


Aifai Mausia (Vaka)

ALOHA everyone!

I too wanted to echo my thank you to you Joni and your husband Cliff for your hospitality.

I really enjoyed the 3 day events and can't wait for our next gathering.

It was great fun meeting so many friends and I must apologize that I seem to forget many of you but it took one reception evening to bring back memories. I am amazed at how many people remembered the little things that happened during our senior year. I returned home knowing that I truly have friends that I need to keep relationships going with. Thanks to Joni and Cindy Billen Severson for getting me excited about coming.

Cindy and I went to take a tour of Mills high on Sunday after the Hola restaraunt gathering. Mills looks the same and it was a good feeling waling around the school yard, the gym and to reminsce of our good ole days. Does any of you know what the class of 1970 project? Sorry I was not into the grad night event nor any of that project. I was still too new in the states that I did good to graduate and go on with my life.  But Mills will always be part of my life. Thank you.

Thank you Penny and Paul for letting me present the flower lei and the candy lei to Joni and Cliff. My knees were shaking but had to pull such a quick presentation off with my Toastmasters skills. Please let me know if any of our class is a Toastmasters member. We can share notes.  I belong to the FedMasters club in Kansas City, Missouri. It is my continuing education in writing and presenting speeches.

I hope we can hold another reunion in 5 years because 10 years seems so far away.

It is my proposal and I will be willing to help Joni with any of the preparaion. the way I wanted to share one excitement while at the hotel gathering. I met up with Mr Froomin and he congratulated me for speaking Engling well. Then our conversation took us to talk about where we live and came to find out that Mr. Froomin's hometown is Kansa City. MO. Wow...small world. Matter fact where I work...I can go to the 14th floor and see Prospect Ave where Mr. Froomin used to live.  Small world.

Ok..take care everyone and please keep connecting.

fun memories.

Aileen Aifai Vaka

07/09/10 08:02 AM #33    


Paul Frediani

Can we have a round of applause for our classmate Cheryl McGovern who is deploying to supervise BP contractors in Louisiana. Thank you Cheryl!

"Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country. "

John F. Kennedy

08/03/10 10:07 AM #34    


John Gilderbloom

I along with a few other Alums are going to the Outsidelands Festival coming up in San Francisco August 14-15:

Check out the wonderful bands coming including Al Green, My Morning Jacket (from Louisville!),  Kingsl of Leon, and many other cutting edge bands.  Oh, and for good measure they through in Further which is the old Grateful Dead band.  Check out what  Spin had to say:

I got about people coming so far from Mills. I went last year and it was great--lots of good food, wine, and fog!  I love fog after spending 22 hot and sizzling summers in Kentucky!  Ouch. 
Hope you can all come!


John "the Viking" Gilderbloom

07/05/11 09:27 AM #35    

Robert Beede

Has anybody located Laura Morgan yet?  I saw Meg Bishop's post the day she did it, and wrote immediately to her.  We had a great little Email chat, remembering the good ol days when love was simple, sweet, and pure.  Meg was SUCH a cutie!  I bet she still is!

Anyway, I would love to contact Laura as well, to see how she is doing. She was a very grounded and compassionate lady in High School!

I wish we were as insightful at 16 as we are now!

Best to all!

Bob Beede


06/06/14 08:06 AM #36    


John Gilderbloom

Hey I will be going to the Giants versus Nationals game at noon this coming Thursday on June 12, 2014.  If anyone wants to join me for some afternoon talk about the old days at Mills High School---I am especially interested in my Mills Viking chum whose  SF real estate investor  friend  is
Barry Bonds and has a suite at AT&T parik.  But I can't kiss and tell---but I ask every year and we just end up having pizza in North Beach.   Hey!   I am just asking for two and will pay whatever cost it is for you!   Howard?  After the game I head to Tahoe to stay at family home in Incline Village and then back to the city for the weekend.  Any thoughts of what a native must do on a weekend?    I will also be in Portland, Oregon doing research, going on bike reides and  giving a speech this coming Sunday through Wednesday.  Any Vikings out there?  Please email me at or call me at 502-608-7567.  t


Thanks, John "the best Viking Mascot ever" Gilderbloom!

06/08/14 07:00 AM #37    


Jonette "Joni" Middleton (Brockway)

As a local - how about Beach Blanket Babylon and a trip to Filoli. 

08/22/15 01:01 PM #38    

Lori Palmer (Leary)

We are so sad to hear of Dereck's passing. We shared some fun times back in the 70's and Tom and I have been reminiscing about our crazy times together. Anne and family, take care, and please know we are thinking of you all. Love, Lori (and Tom)

08/23/15 03:39 PM #39    

Robert Castelli

Derecks passing is a shock to anyone who knew him. He was full of life, and a great person to do things with while at Mills. We were able to reconnect at past reunions, and had some good laughs. Go in peace my friend, and may God bless you. You will be missed. Prayers to the Dragonetti family at this most difficult time. 

12/29/15 10:25 AM #40    


John Gilderbloom

Come to Cuba with me!  by John "the Viking" Gilderbloom

            As a planner some of our most celebrated work has been here in East Russell which has been recently hailed in the Journal of Community Development as a model for urban regeneration. We specialize in renewal without removal of residents or even better can take an abandoned boarded up “Village West” and with $30 million dollars repurpose it an attractive, affordable and sustainable mixed income development.   This anchor green development in East Russell has seen crime cut in half while home prices have the second highest increase in the city from 1990 to 2010.  

As our reputation grew on the art of rebuilding abandoned urban neighborhoods, I got invitations to work in other Kentucky cities like Newport and Covington, speak at top Universities,  featured in the Sunday New York Times, and wrote op-ed pieces in Wall Street Journal and Washington Post.  East Russell was cited by President Clinton as a model when he spoke to the U.S. Conference of Mayors.  At the same time, Clinton’s  top South African advisor (Donald Terner who worked with us as a consultant) told President Nelson Mandela that East Russell partnership was much better designed and humane than faceless Le Corbusier / Khrushchev projects that were being pushed by Russia.  Later Planitzen ranked me as one of the top urban thinkers in the world.

            Our reputation for regenerating neighborhoods continue to grow with an unprecedented invitation from the Cuban National Architecture Union to give a series of lectures behind the bamboo curtain.   I was one of the first non-Marxist American planners invited there. I got a hero’s welcome by Cubans, speaking in outdoor venues covered by Cuban TV and newspapers. The Cubans honored me with a special Diploma /Certificate in Architecture. The lectures went so well I was asked by both Cuban and American authorities to organize cultural exchanges that involved 31 programs totaling 480 days from 1997 to 2007. 

            Even the most jaded traveler would find Cuba, one of the most beautiful and fascinating places in the world. With 500 years of history and heritage, it is the site of one of the largest intact collections of Spanish Colonial architecture as well as the largest collections of Soviet era prefabricated buildings. UNESCO has declared Havana a world heritage site.  In this beautiful and intriguing setting, travelers experienced a radically different economic, social, and cultural life; like Soviet Union and China, the painful truth is that Socialism was unworkable within a competitive global economy.

Several travel magazines and books, including Holiday Travel, Travel Smart, and Budget Travel, have praised our Cuba travel programs.  “Time Out: Havana and the Best of Cuba” ranked it as the best “educational optioned and “the least bureaucratic way” for a U.S. passport holder to travel to Cuba.”

I saw things up close that few people new or understood.  I also could credibly argue that the U.S. travel and economic blockade was not only un-American but gave Cuba an excuse to blame its impoverishment on the U.S. instead of authoritarian undemocratic socialism.  I appeared on both U.S. and Cuban media outlets (popular and scholarly), CNN, and gave testimony before U.S. Senate, addressed former   Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, key Republican and Democratic Senators,  and spoke candidly in the ultra-secure  “situation room” of the U.S. State Department for ending the U.S. blockade.   

With travel restrictions still in place, University of Louisville Center for Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods has a U.S. Treasury license to take Kentucky citizens, on a people-to-people exchange program March 12 to 20. For detailed information about how urbanists, planners, designers and architects can participate, please visit our website at, with $200 deposits due by January 6, 2016.     This program is an exceptional value, with non-stop air from Miami to Havana, 4 star accommodations, transfers, daily breakfast, several dinners, travel Visa, entertainment, English-speaking  guides, and U.S. Treasury license. As Cuba slowly opens up to trade, this is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to get a leg up on new business opportunities in health, agriculture, preservation, transportation and housing.


Inline Image Not Displayed
UofL Planning Professor, Dr. Gilderbloom visiting Hemingway’s “Old Man and the Sea” the late Gregorio “El Capitan” Fuentes.

02/12/16 08:56 AM #41    


Jonette "Joni" Middleton (Brockway)

Bottlerock Napa Valley Music Festival May 27 - 29, 2016


I understand that several of our classmates are planning on attending the Bottlerock Festival.

The link (above) will give you information on how to buy tickets.

I know that John Gilderbloom was working on setting up some get-togethers for our classmates. (If you are on Facebook check out John's January 14th posting on Facebook)

Please use this forum to help arrange meet ups with fellow classmates.

02/12/16 06:52 PM #42    


John Gilderbloom

Hey everybody.  I got the VIP tickets since it provides a separate area without people pressing up against you, better food, clean bathrooms, chairs and shade.  It will also be easier to meet up with Mills High Alumni in these areas.  I will come as a Viking!   My family has a ranck in the Russian River Area but its an hour drive so if anyone know about a good airbnb or Motel.  Let me know.  Hope to see you all there!  Thanks for the post.  Stevie Wonder was better than Paul or Bruce when he came to Louseyville. 

06/13/16 10:21 AM #43    


John Gilderbloom

Beautiful and Courageous Vikings!  Now you can go on a real big Viking Cruise filled with all of our favorite bands that played the Fillmore and Avalon!  I have seen several of them in the past year and they get it note perfect :see  Animals,  5th Dimension,  Family Stone,  Three Dog Night, Zombies, Monkees, Chad and Jeremy, Lovin Spoonful, Rare Earth,  Spencer Davis, Vanilla Fudge, Yardbirds, and many more. 


Come Join us for a rock and roll Caribbean cruise Feb 27 to March 4--


Yes, I am finally going to my first cruise leaving  March 27 from Ft. LAUDERdale, to Jamaica  and Bahamas and returning back March 4 to Ft. LAUDERdale.  They got this incredible line-up of groups  with some of the early members still kicking!

When we stop  in the cool tourist beaches of Jamica and Bahamas, we can go shopping, do walking tours and go snorkeling.     Call it an end of the world rock and roll party of friends and lovers especially if Trump has his fingers on the nuclear warheads So let’s go out with a bang! We did this in Cleveland and it was a blast seeing Bruce Springsteen, John Fogerty, R.E.M.   and others.    Anyway,  its an amazing price of just $1,200 to share a room without a window and with a window about $1,700.  Also, if you give this code number AROTR you can get $200 off per cabin.  Here is the website:


Please forward this to others who love to rock and roll in the sunshine while our families are freezing. 


Warmest Regards,


John Gilderbloom

1405 Morton Ave

Louisville, KY 40204


09/18/17 08:31 AM #44    


John Gilderbloom

Congratulations to Professor John I. “Hans” Gilderbloom who was nominated as one of the world’s most influential urbanists. Dr. Gillderbloom is only one nominated out of Kentucky:

We hope you will give him a vote along with the many other outstanding candidates on the list!

 His fingerprints are all over hundreds of cities around the world for his work in sustainability, health, and transportation.  His books and articles are used widely in classes around the world.  He has been credited as a major player in getting passed and defending the enactment of tenant protections against unfair evictions and unreasonable rents in over 125 cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and over 100 New Jersey cities.  These laws cover millions of tenants.  His research on the housing and transportation needs of the disabled and elderly was provided a justification for Congress  passing  Americans Disability Act according to Planning Magazine.  Dr. Gilderbloom has also showed how to partner up with non-profits, government, developers and banks in creating and renovating  attractive, affordable, and sustainable homes in cities.  He has also linked this success  to traffic calming by converting fast multi-lane one way streets into calmer two-way for greater walkability, biking and transit use. Dr. Gilderbloom also argues the need to empower poor citizens to demand and act to create livable neighborhoods by cleaning up graffiti, liter, and painting homes to encourage neighborhood regeneration. Dr. Gilderbloom  was also an effective advocate for ending the U.S. Embargo of  Cuba testifying in the US Senate and writing about the harsh situation. Finally, Dr. Gilderbloom research has encouraged cities to take a more active role in reducing air, water and ground pollution that will improve life span, prosperity, housing, and health.   


Center for Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods



09/19/17 04:04 PM #45    

Yvette Arrighi (Royce)

WOW!!  Way to make a positive difference in our world.  yes

You rock, John!

(And, whoever shared this, thank you.)

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